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3 Big Branding Lessons From Google, For Everyone

3 Branding Lessons From Google, For You - Google - New Logo and Brand Identity - Talk And Co

Google introduced its new logo and revamped brand identity this week, within a month of announcing restructuring under Alphabet. The dust has now settled, and people have had a chance to check out, lament, celebrate, and deconstruct Google’s new look. Regardless of where you stand, let’s see how Google takes on branding, and what you can learn and put into play for your own brand.

1. Branding is key

This may seem obvious, yet it’s important to state. Google’s logo and identity announcement made a huge splash on the Internet, generating strong responses on social media and from news outlets. Further, Google put significant care into switching up their identity. The spotlight placed on the refresh is evidence that we’re in a very branding-conscious climate now. People pay attention, and react passionately, to branding. Do like Google, and put time, effort, and consideration into your brand identity.

2. Branding and business strategy are inherently tied

The updated identity gives Google a visual refresh, yet the revamped branding was motivated by business strategy. Google announced the identity changes soon after the company announced restructuring. Google wants the new brand identity to communicate connectedness between Alphabet and Google, and interrelatedness between Google products. The refreshed identity is an attempt to encourage the world to perceive a friendly, childlike Google. Brand identities do not exist in a vacuum, and it’s not sufficient to create an attractive logo and consider yourself done. Logos, and other brand elements, must be interlinked with your business strategy. Your business strategy and brand must be built, and evolve, together.

3. Brand identities should be comprehensive

With this brand refresh, Google built a comprehensive identity to use with their full product range, and under various circumstances. The identity refresh includes a wordmark, icon, colors, custom font, and dots. The company’s scale means its identity must be versatile, yet the same principle can and should be applied to your brand.

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