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Adeline’s Top 5 Staple Lipstick Colours

Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite makeup item is lipstick. I find it adds the finishing touch to any look. With so many new colours coming out every season from so many different brands, you can put a big dent in your wallet trying to keep up with all the new trends. Instead, have a few staple colours in your collection so you can gloss over most trends (no pun intended). Here are my top five staple lipstick colours, which I think would be suitable for a variety of different skin tones…

MAC "Creme Cup"

MAC “Creme Cup” Cremesheen Lipstick

1. A nude baby pink

I LOVE nude baby pink lipsticks, especially with smouldering smoky eyes! My favourite one this past year has been “Creme Cup” by MAC. It’s a “Cremesheen” finish, so it goes on very smoothly with a creamy finish and light sheen. Best of all, there is no glitter or shimmer. Personally, I absolutely HATE the look of any glitter or shimmer in my lip products (so none of the following lipsticks will have any glitter or shimmer in them either).


MAC "Divine Choice"

MAC “Divine Choice” Mineralize Rich Lipstick

2. A bright pink

Some days, I feel extra girly and bubbly and that is when I pull out a bright pink lipstick! My favourite one of all time is “Divine Choice” by MAC. It is one of MAC’s “Mineralize Rich” lipsticks and this line of lipsticks is hands-down my favourite! All the “Mineralize Rich” lipsticks go on extremely smoothly and creamily even if your lips are dry. They are the longest lasting and most moisturizing lipsticks I have ever tried and they do not get “cakey” aftera few hours. I have two other colours from this line and two more tubes of this colour. That is how much I love these lipsticks and this colour in particular!

NYX "Power" (#629)

NYX “Power” (#629) Lipstick

3. A pinkish lavender

For those days when you want a little twist on your staple baby and bright pink lipsticks, try a pinkish lavender lipstick! That hint of purple is a gorgeous twist on pink. My favourite pinkish lavender lipstick happens to be a cheap one! It is “Power” (#629) by NYX. Although it has a smooth and creamy texture, it applies best on well moisturized lips. It does not glide on the lips as well as the aforementioned MAC lipsticks, but it is very pigmented.


MAC "Red"

MAC “Red” Satin Lipstick

4. A bold red

A bold red lipstick is a must-have item in every woman’s makeup collection! It can be hard finding the right shade of red that best complements your skin tone. For me and my warm skin tone, I find cool red lipsticks are most flattering. My favourite one for my skin tone is “Red” by MAC. It has slight bluish undertones, which make my teeth look whiter. I also love that it has a “Satin” finish. It goes on smoothly and the application is not chalky. It also lasts very long and looks glossy on the lips. In addition, I find it has minimal bleeding compared to most other red lipsticks. So I do not need to pair it with a lip liner and can just wear it on its own.

MAC "Colour Saturation" Cremesheen Glass

MAC “Colour Saturation” Cremesheen Glass

5. A deep maroon

Every woman needs a deep maroon lipstick in her collection for her dark and sultry days. Ladies, we ALL have those days (though some have them more often than others). I must admit I have not been brave enough to rock this shade in a true lipstick yet, but I’m getting there! In the meantime, my favourite has been a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It is “Colour Saturation” Cremesheen Glass by MAC. I swear the colour is much darker and deeper than it looks in the swatch on the left. It does not last as long as a true lipstick, but it is very pigmented despite its glossy texture and it does not contain any glitter or shimmer (YAY!).

Two honourable mentions that did not quite make my top five list are a nude lipstick like Revlon’s “Soft Nude” ColourBurst lipstick and a coral lipstick like Yves Saint Laurent’s “Corail Incandescent” (#12) Rouge Volupt√© Shine lipstick. A nude and a coral are also great shades to have in your collection. No matter how big or small your collection is, just remember to keep those lips moisturized for optimal application and wear!



Adeline Chan is a Certified Nutritionist and the Editor of Talk And Co's Health and Beauty section. She has made multiple guest appearances on Rogers TV "Daytime Toronto" to talk about nutrition and health. She is also the co-founder of Adeline's other interests besides healthy living are natural skincare and cosmetics, both of which she will be exploring on Talk And Co.