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America will see PS4’s Phantasy Star Online 2 first in Anime form

Looks like America will see PS4’s Phantasy Star Online 2 first in Anime form. With Japan already into the PSO2 craze, taking in the PC version, PS4 owners will be up next February. Japanese PS4 owners, that is. Going back on their 2012 promise, Sega has retracted what was said, according to Kotaku. instead, America will be treated to its’ Anime companion, which will have a U.S. release. As for the announcement:

“SEGA is currently not planning to release the PS4 version of Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Japan,” — A SEGA rep whispered in Kotaku’s ear.

Bummer. It looks soo good so far, though. Alot of changes to the game’s core has been done. Dashes, weapon switches, combos, everything did. Fancy game so far with some characteristics that are staples to the series on a whole. Sound effects indefinitely do ring true to the original PSO.

Still, on with the anime! Similar to any MMORPG anime, this one will focus on a young man’s life both inside and outside of the game Phantasy Star Online 2. Like Sword Art Online and the .Hack series wasn’t enough. Luckily, the sentence stopped there.  After seeing anime that states that you may or may not be stuck in this game for a hella long time, because of some glitch they didn’t work out in the focus groups, or beta tests, that has magical soul sucking properties, not knowing when to stop on your own volition wasn’t the first thoughts of these players. Instead of whiny rappies, we’ll probably get a whiny protagonist. For the record, Ash – PSO’s original hero – had some highlights and lows. Hopefully, this anime doesn’t include it or… going into a coma before the protagonists have to defeat a certain boss. Distributor Sentai Filmworks, who will bring this about, would know better than us.

Sonic Team’s Phantasy Star Online 2 is the first direct sequel to the series since longtime Sega RPG, Phantasy Star, reached born-again status through its’ DreamCast incarnation – the Online RPG Phantasy Star Online(which is one of my favorite RPGs).  Several other “episodes” were released on X-Box, Gamecube, and later, PC in the early 2000s, taking cues from its’ 16-bit father. Phantasy Star Zero was also member of this team, being released onto the Nintendo DS. One of the better entries of the series, yet still not as great as the originals.

Nearly a decade has passed since its’ return to huge consoles(Phantasy Star Universe not really included). A whopping 1 million Sega IDs were activated on PSO 2 in a matter of 3 months post launch in October 2012. That’s a lot of Rappy killers!

…sorry, guys.

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