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Are we alone? The International UFO Congress – Top 6 Things People Need to Know About UFO Culture

International UFO Congress

I was lucky enough to attend the 24th Annual International UFO Congress conference in Fountain Hills, Arizona to chat about all things UFO and ET related with UFO enthusiasts.

This has been my second year attending the conference – I am officially a UFO expert! Well not really but I do know more then I did last year!

Top 6 Things People Need to Know About UFO Culture:

1. UFO enthusiasts do not walk around with tinfoil on their heads at conventions.

tin foil hats

2. There is more to UFO stories then Roswell, New Mexico.  UFO’s sighting and experiences happen everyday.

Roswell  copy

3. UFO believers are not filled with conspiracy theories.


4. The UFO community loves to hear new stories and findings that researches consider to be credible information. The community tires to find ways to weed out fake videos or false evidence.


5. They are proud to be UFO believers.

keep-calm-and-be-a-believer-8 copy



6. The UFO community is exactly that – a community. A community that embraces each other.


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