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Beauty Bargain Brag #1


You know when you get a beauty product for an unbelievably amazing price and you want to call up a girlfriend to say, “Girl, you won’t believe how much I got this _____ for!?” Perhaps it is just me, but this is what this new “Beauty Bargain Brag” blog series is all about! Personally, the frugal shopper in me loves it when others share their best beauty bargain finds, because I see those as wins for consumers like myself. Hopefully, there are some beauty bargain lovers out there who see things like I do. If not, just enjoy the product reviews and swatches in this blog series. 🙂





Last week, while Raj and I were grocery shopping at Fortinos, I made him stop by the cosmetics department with me. As I was browsing through all the different makeup brands, I noticed a small clearance section. ‎The only item there that caught my eye was this Joe Fresh “Five Minute Face Palette” from their fall collection. It was originally priced at $20 and the price was eventually reduced to $8 after fall. In the clearance section though, there was an additional 50% off the $8 sale, making it only $4! I knew I HAD to get it even without swatching any of the colours. So how was the palette for that price? In brief, the palette is AMAZING, but let me break it down for you product-by-product…



Swatches (from left to right): "Pale Pink" (top left), "Bronze" (top right), "Espresso" (bottom left), and "Midnight" (bottom right).

Swatches (from left to right): “Pale Pink” (top left), “Bronze” (top right), “Espresso” (bottom left), and “Midnight” (bottom right).


Let us start with the eye shadows. They are such an amazing value even if one paid the original retail price of $20 for the entire palette. Each eye shadow is 1.65g, which is slightly more than double the amount of a regular MAC eye shadow ‎(1.5g) for a fraction of the price! Also, three of the four eye shadows (the dark shades) are highly pigmented and apply very smoothly. The lightest shade (“Pale Pink”) is not as pigmented as the other shadows and its application is slightly chalky. However, it makes a great brow-bone highlight and lid colour for my skin tone.






Swatches (from left to right): "Tan" (bronzer at the bottom) and "Pink" (blush at the top).

Swatches (from left to right): “Tan” (bronzer at the bottom) and “Pink” (blush at the top).


The blush and bronzer colours go so beautifully together. Like the dark eye shadows in this palette, the blush and bronzer are very pigmented and apply extremely well. The blush is a playful, bubble-gum pink and the bronzer is a great contouring colour for me. I am surprised these colours were in Joe Fresh’s fall collection, because they seem more like summer colours to me. My go-to blush and bronzer in the summer have always been MAC “Well Dressed” blush and NARS “Laguna” bronzing powder, but I can see those being replaced with this much cheaper blush and bronzer duo!






Swatches (from left to right): "Mauve" (lip gloss at the top) and "Plum" (cream lipstick at the bottom).

Swatches (from left to right): “Mauve” (lip gloss at the top) and “Plum” (cream lipstick at the bottom).


Normally, I hate lip products in all-in-one palettes like this, because they attract dust and pigment debris from neighbouring powder products. However, I will make an exception here, because the lip gloss is nice and creamy and the lipstick is much more pigmented than I expected. The lip gloss has very subtle gold shimmer in it and it slightly tones down my natural lip colour for slightly nude lips, which I love. The cream lipstick, on the other hand, goes on very opaquely and contains no shimmer or glitter. I was shocked at how pigmented the lipstick is and how its creamy texture feels like an actual tube lipstick on my lips. Both the lip gloss and the lipstick would nicely complement a variety of eye looks from this palette. With bolder and smokier eye makeup, I would use the lip gloss and with more subtle and light eye makeup, I would use the lipstick.






A daytime look I created using this Joe Fresh "Five Minute Face Palette" from their fall collection.

A daytime look I created using this Joe Fresh “Five Minute Face Palette” from their fall collection.


I love how this palette includes a face chart and a clear, plastic overlay with labels to help guide your makeup application. However, do not let these guides hold back your creativity. For instance, my favourite look using this palette (pictured on the right) is created going beyond the guidelines. To create my favourite look with this palette, I used:

  • “Espresso” eye shadow as a crease colour and to fill in my brows
  • “Pale Pink” eye shadow as a brow-bone highlight and as a lid colour
  • “Bronze” eye shadow as a blending colour
  • “Midnight” eye shadow to line my lids and to line the outer corner of my waterline
  • “Pink” blush on the apple of my cheeks
  • “Tan” bronzer to contour just under my cheekbones
  • “Plum” cream lipstick on my lips

Although I could do a five-minute look with this “Five Minute Face Palette”, this look took about fifteen minutes. However, the extra ten minutes are worth it, because I love this look! I have been rocking this look to work almost everyday since I bought the palette. This is the first Joe Fresh product I own, but I am definitely planning on exploring their cosmetics line more, because I am so impressed with this palette!



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