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E3: Star Wars Battlefront 5 Minute Multiplayer Madness on PS4

Luke and Darth Vader take it to Hoth for an non-re-enactment of the great Hoth battle from The Empire Strikes Back.

Yes, you read me right: NON RE-ENACTMENT.  EA and Dice do a no-holds-bars co-op multiplayer experience from their upcoming Star Wars Battlefront title, slated for September. You got Stormtroopers and rebels alike, facing off in on the icy planet the way you were hardly meant to remember it. AT-ATs, AT-STs, tie fighters, x-wings – everything. And to top it off, the force choke for a Rebel. You ALREADY know what’s coming.  Apparently, this seems to be one of the modes in the game. I bet it is. Btw… did I hear girl commandos? I think I did. I know I did.

Personally, I’d rather the Cymoon base that Marvel sported out in Star Wars #1 recently, but EA nailed it enough at E3 2015 so far! Already excited. Heck, even the poster art’s got me going!

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