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E3: Street Fighter 5 Latest UK Additions Don’t Involve Tea (Cammy/Birdie)

Old news. Sure. But I totally forgot to post this, guys. 

England? probably. It’s probably London, England in that backdrop for the PS4 announcement and fightscene for the latest Street Fighter V gameplay trailer. Street Fighter V’s got Cammy and Birdie making an appearance. Both characters are set to return to fisticuffs. Birdie, being out since Alpha 3, seems to get more hookshot reach, while Cammy’s new Killer Bee Assault is far from cute. Love the fact that Birdie’s on the comeback train. He hardly got shine after A3. Latest UK Additions don’t need no TEA, gov’ner.

After a surprising announcement that dashes away all dreams of Xboxers seeing the PS4/PC exclusive fun for all(Gamespot), this comes out. It’s hard NOT to side with Capcom’s latest development. A hard pill to swallow for one of the better experiences and a shame on the blue bomber father company.

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