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E3: X-Box One WILL Throw It Back Soon. Backward Capability Style!

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For those of you who think that X-Box One and the current gen has robbed you of your joy to love the 6th generation the way you were meant to fully: think again.

You heard it. I lost my crap hearing it. It’s real. And it’s spectacular. Updates kept coming because of the fans. Phil Spencer decided to make the announcement. Well-received, and hopefully, by this holiday season. Hundreds. Way better than what Gaikai tried to promise. Mass Effect’s near endgame was used. With some tie in features, such as X-Box 360 multiplayer. Which probably means that those GTA V hardcore folks will get a treat soon for their resistant-to-change friends on last gen. Natively and digital support for some titles.  Well, not totally an easy thing: we’re talking a download to start things off after the disk is put in. Digitals will be easier, according to IGN. Can’t wait to try this out! Heck, I might now!


… after this sentence.



.. or this one.

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