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The E3 2016 Final Thoughts

Despite several pull backs from the bigger companies that be, E3’s 2016 year was still a spectacle to say the least. Questions were answered, games were brought to the forefront, friends were made… well, if you were there. But you’re here and here are the E3 2016 Final Thoughts that I had on the show.

It seems as though regardless of being a heck days late, and a dollar short, Nintendo never fails to surprise and raze its’ competition. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to many took home the best of show on and off the E3 stage. With Link pulling off fancy new moves, his gender clarified, and some hard speculations on where in time this title fits, our green-garbed hero stood tried and true against the very hordes of Sony and Microsoft in a new open world adventure. Alot was given and taken out of the experience, with new moves for Link, including a bit of bullet time-esque work and actual stat-reducing functions to his attire. The title felt as if more of a emphasis was on our friend exploring moretimes than another exploit with a princess and Triforce to save. The trailer made some callbacks to its’ original NES days, too, which was definitely a well designed touch. We’re all looking at Nintendo for this one coming. Wii U and DX will be jumping in the Hyrulian wilds next year.

Hideo Kojima finally took his project out of hiding, with Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus in tow, playing the model for a possible protagonist in Death Stranding. The PlayStation 4 exclusive and first ride of the new Kojima Productions sans Kojima’s past guard post, Konami. The title was pretty much in what seems to be a dead sea, with a baby, and Reedus’ model. No real gameplay was shown, but visually, Kojima’s vacation…err… leave and world journey seemed to pay off well. Personally, I’m here for the playthroughs, so this title’s getting no pats from me yet.

Ubisoft’s conference show had me at Steep, a downhill racer with an open world twist, and of course, South Park: Fractured But Whole, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and of course, Watch_Dogs 2. The latter had alot to prove, which with a little help from the trailer and recent reveal, gave more expectations sated. Marcus, the new protagonist, relied more on stealth takedowns and more hacking tricks than his predecessor, in a new setting – Silicon Valley San Francisco. It even had a car zoom through a penthouse. Badassery has shown up. Aisha Tyler(Lana, Archer) lead us through some of the company’s plans yet again, dating the hack and slash For Honor for a Valentine’s Day release next year.  Kudos to Ubisoft for their solidarity stance for the Orlando victims last week.

Square Enix could have played this game better this year. Final Fantasy XV is no longer in development hell and is free to make the September date. With more gameplay showings, and a potential VR mode, Square Enix was better to leave this out and draw attention to its’ Eidos children(Neir, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided). It’s as if Square lit the stage on fire, with the return to Ivalice next year in Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age remastering than they would with even more XV content that people, such as myself, are quite tired of. It’s go Gold or go home for Square Enix’s 15th direct sequel. I could care less for Kingdom Hearts 3 or 2.8. As for Zodiac Age, this will be the International Jobs edition of XII, which was never released outside of Japan’s shores.

Scalebound was also given a spotlight in the Microsoft talks. Platinum Games went as far as to playing this on multiplayer. We’re still waiting on 2017, but that shouldn’t be much of a issue. Between some hard consequences, and apparently yet another par experience with another popular franchise, our Bayonetta toy makers had dragons taking on a bigger boss than before as a bit of a conclusion to the cliffhanger that the team left us with the first Dragon-to-Man-To-Dragon-To-Beats-By-Dre-Knockoffs trailer. You’d figure between mega-console Project Scorpion, and the slimmer, faster XBOX One S, Microsoft would probably shy away from keeping this one away for a while. Microsoft wasn’t afraid of letting players know that they’d be having X-Box One games brought over to PC to finish cross play or DRM sharing on some times, Gears of War‘s new elite controller($200),  or even the General Raam in KI announcement re-announced. High praise didn’t stop the shine on Scorpion. Boasting, mostly. We’ll see it as a mystery until release.

PlayStation VR will be coming out October 13th this year with a $399.99/549 pricepoint. There’s also a 699 launch set, but hey: that’s for you guys with space to throw around the place. Next to Crash Bandicoot’s two remakes incoming, this was deemed exciting.

Namco Bandai has reintroduced us to Tekken 7: Fated Retribution with even more questions answered by Harada – who seemed to be more “traditional” in his presentation approach for the Microsoft event. Cross-play might be a thing of the not-to-distant future for the Tekken series. The Mishima saga closure title is due early 2017 and this may stack up to the best ride Tekken’s ever had aesthetically.


Honourable mentions
There’s several things to consider with this year’s Video Game Christmas. This is the first year of the VR. We’re not too mad at EA. For myself, I am: we got a Mass Effect: Andromeda making-of trailer from Bioware. Horrible showing. I couldn’t stomach the hype that was amassed for this, but EA allowed BioWare to sprinkle tidbits of the trilogy’s new start. The experience will differ from our last ride, but at least give a more playtime shots.

Titanfall 2 couldn’t have showed a better play. Though, for myself: it was shown everything that were different but the same. New mechs, a story mode, grappling hook, a sword mech. Yet, all differet can also deem the same to follow it. No real mech customization at all.  There’s that disappointment coming.


Those were my standouts from the show. Next to the colour changing of my X-Box One controller to one of the customs, it’s safe to say that there’s hope for other E3s as long as Nintendo is ready and willing to steal the show. How about yours?

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