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The Final Short of the Season For Overwatch is here!

The Pixar of First Person Shooters, Overwatch, had Blizzard release its’ final short of the season. Explaining and showcasing several characters in the past, including 76, publisher Blizzard has brought out the their vigilante, Soldier 76, in his own appearance as – pretty much – a hero. Yep, the final short of the season for Overwatch is here!


Outside of this, leading up to the server starts at 7PM EST today: Blizzard has not slouched on the promotion of this game. From the rest of these shorts, to Genji, Pharrah, and Tracer showing up in huge action figure form in Korea, LA, and Paris: Overwatch’s publishers are doing their best to push this game out. For myself, I was at the Overwatch Launch celebration last night, seeing this short first, with interviews of the staff and a review of the previous shorts. Still, not everyone is reviling in the wake of the new team shooter.

Battleborn, a title similar to Overwatch, which had a release earlier this month, just had publisher 2k drop their pricepoint to $40 USD, according to Kotaku.  Yep, it has already begun. The game had several occurrences where each game matched up with the other, including the beta of Overwatch happening on the same day as Battleborn’s release. This is nothing new for publisher 2k Games in the past. There a one-sided rivalry of Saints Row to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto by releasing their Gatt Outta Hell expansion with the initials that looked similar to the latter in 2013. Shade. Shade. Shade.

Overwatch, for PC, PS4, and X-Box One, goes on sale tomorrow, yet the servers will be online for early birds today. Amazon buyers will receive the game on the 26th.


Also, I’ll be doing a twitchcast all week on Overwatch. Check it out STARTING TONIGHT!


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