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Forthcoming DLC Street Fighter V characters Playable, Not Complete, In Story Mode

According to Eventhub, forthcoming DLC Street Fighter V characters playable, not complete, in Story Mode. At the E3 conference last week, Capcom representative and fighting game community champ, Combofiend mentioned this.

“[The DLC characters] are being extensively tested in Japan. They’re finding things, and determining whether they think they’re too strong or not,” said Fiend. “I’m also playing with [the DLC characters], there might be some things that I might think are too strong, and then we investigate that.”

Looks like Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien will be coming to Story Mode DLC – A Shadow Falls – which should depict the final conflict between Shadowloo and the World Warriors who oppose them before the Illuminati steps in and takes dominance as the primary evil of the Street Fighter series. From the feedback, the American side of Capcom gets to see them early as testers. 30 minutes of the story can be seen here. According to Combofiend, he’s definitely feeling Balrog post the changes made to custom fit Boxer’s V fiasco. Balrog and Ibuki are the only two shown in gameplay modes, while Juri and Urien get a bit of a glimpse in the visuals of both the poster and story mode pre DLC.

As for the current direction of the DLC, the corniness is definitely there, but it feels a bit too corny to be a resolution of anything. The fights against the CPU seem to fall into the category of the recent build’s Story mode, which may not hold much challenge or threat compared to the full blown Arcade Modes of yore. And even little Sean is going through the same issues as many players of V during the initial launch. We feel you, man. Since the game will be breaking the traditional “versions/iterations” trap that many titles before it have had, other DLC characters are expected in this form for the future, yet outside of the original DLC 6, none has been revealed thus far.

Still no definite word on when or how the free DLC will arrive minus this month. With a couple days away until its’ end, we’ll have to hope on the when being sooner than later for Capcom.

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