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Good beer, good branding

Some might not know but I am a huge craft beer fan! Especially with an awesome back story and creative branding. I was lucky enough this past month to work with a wonderful Canadian beer brand called Old Tomorrow Pale Ale (CPA). Old Tomorrow is a family initiative started by Pat and Ian Macdonald, a mother-and-son team who just happen to have the same last name as Sir John A. Macdonald. They are both experienced customer-focused business partners who are as passionate about great-tasting craft beer as they are in celebrating Canadian heroes and pivotal moments in Canada’s rich heritage.

The beer combines traditional brewing methods with fresh old world and new world malts and hops in addition to Canadian rye, carefully crafted to reflect distinctive Canadian palates. The result is a great-tasting beer with a feisty flavour off the top yet silky smoothness and just 4.9 percent alcohol. With an IBU (International Bitterness Unit) measurement of 18, Old Tomorrow is not as hoppy as India Pale Ales (IPA’s) or American Pale Ales (APA’s) that have 30 or more IBU’s. Blended fruity notes are balanced with a subdued biscuity aroma, and its easy drinking flavour gives it broad appeal and makes it easy to pair with food or drink on its own.

The recipe was created by veteran brew master Jamie Mistry, who has extensive experience in all aspects of beer-making and who brewed popular beers like Big Wheel, Boneshaker, Buzz and 416, and Bock.

The branding is based around a man we all know very well, Sir. John A. Mcdonald. With a crisp, modern spin on the former Canadian Prime Minister’s nickname, Old Tomorrow captures both the old and new world feeling – not only in it’s branding but with its full bodied beer.

Old Tomorrow 200 Pints

Cheers to Old Tomorrow!

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