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I Can’t Believe That’s Actually Ken in Street Fighter V

Ken isn’t your average player 2 anymore. Over the years, Street Fighter’s original player 2 has always been the gaijin shadow to Ryu, the series’ main protagonist. The same red gi. The same haircut, or ponytail, depending on what you played. A2 had him sport that. Looks like Capcom’s decided to go half up / half down on our beloved star shotoken star. Gone are the He-Man bangs, and in is the half pony and half his gi out the way, revealing a dark sleeveless shirt. Eliza probably put him up to this.

Still flamboyant as ever and as fast as his Alpha revision, Ken doesn’t slouch. Of course it’s strange and weird to see Capcom take that approach with a star whose look we’ve all grown to love. Ryu, Chun Li, and M. Bison hardly changed over the iterations. Though Li did get a new look in the Alpha series, and Ryu’s hair was brown then, too. Bison did lose his psycho power and like 60% of his muscles, but there’s decent excuse for that. There’s positive responses to the change. The beta, according to Kotaku, will be coming out for the PS4 in the next while, with all the reveals up to this point. Whether or not Rugal… err Ken Masters will make it for the 23rd has yet to be seen. Stick around past the credits and tell me who might be next!

And no – it’s not going to be King Cobra. :/

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