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Know your rights – Legal Swipe, an app for that

Legal Swipe - law app - Talk And Co

In a time of tension between police and the public, being informed of your rights has become ever more important. Gone are the days of trust and open doors of my childhood.  I don’t think I need to rehash the pointless deaths, or excessive force littering our headlines. What I truly believe is important is to be educated about your rights, and we now have an app for that, as cliche as that may sound.


Introducing Legal Swipe (USA/Canada).  An app that I predict is about to go viral. Available on iOS and Android (and Blackberry via a Sideloaded Google Play store).  The app gives you your basic legal advice/rights and statements one can use with the police.  It also has video recording option so you can record your interaction, and have it automatically upload to dropbox and emailed to emergency contacts.

The app in design is simple and easy to use, but I would suggest one become familiar with it before the need arises.  You definitely need to connect your drop box and setup your emergency contacts before ever trying to use this app in the wild.

I’ll be putting the app through it’s paces this week, but intially, it seems pretty solid and stable.

Download for Android


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