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Red Cyclone Hits Street Fighter V

Recently to come to Capcom’s PlayStation PC-only fisticuffs club, Street Fighter V, is none other than the bear-beatdown-training Red Cyclone himself – Zangief. Capcom gave word of the Saturday Night Slammasters vet’s return on their blog earlier last week, giving Rainbow Mika a grapple rival and a possible round out of the roster.


His arsenal also includes hit absorption armor and a new vacuum move, Cyclone Lariat, which is used in the alpha inspired V-Trigger mode. Zangief has some decent anti-projectiles through this and v-skill. My heart wept at his super, though.

No Final Atomic Buster?! 

Yeah, I cried all night. This was atrocious. Though, I’ll have to admit, suplexing someone into the ground does look pretty sweet.

His stage is reminiscent of his previous battlegrounds – steel, iron hammer, wheat and… a bear?! That’s new. Then again, the whole club thing is new. I’m looking forward to seeing how he fairs against the newcomers. With 3 more characters to go, and Karin and Rainbow Mika have been revealed recently, it’s hard to say where the rest will go in its’ 2016 launch.

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