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Lupe Fiasco Beats Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter V

Rapper Lupe Fiasco defeats long-time Street Fighter pro champion, Daigo Umehara surprisingly in Street Fighter V‘s launch event this Monday. With Ryu and Ken locked into a few battles, Fiasco took a 2-3 victory against the competitive gamer. With Mad Cats, Daigo’s team, and Umehara himself swearing on the fact, perhaps this guy wasn’t playing. This was the same guy who toppled Justin Wong in Third Strike. The God of Fighting Games. The guy who’s even immortalized in manga form. Losing to Lupe after some training from some of the notable members of the FGC. The hope of blocking Chun-Li’s super.

I still think it’s a bit WWE for an actual match. Especially the timing it took Fiasco to learn V from the pros. As for Street Fighter V itself: the game is definitely geared to our competitive friends. Tournaments are ongoing now and the Capcom Pro Tour has already kicked off. With its’ own set of conundrums with either high praise or comments of “will do this in March”, Street Fighter V may be the middle ground for a majority of fans. It’s not The Movie, yet V is slightly closer to Third Strike. Personally, I call it Alpha 4.


Why? Small roster, no hidden boss, and a custom-combo-esque reaction system: V-Trigger.  I could be saying this in January, yet I bought the Collector’s Edition(because a Ryu Statue is an important thing to have on my mantle and the artbook is from BENGUS. Bloody Bengus). Steam had its’ own hilarity from its’ comments.  It’s a tough pill to swallow for a 2016 fighting game. Especially one where Capcom delivered on what was said. Hey, this is the ninth generation: games aren’t meant to be complete because we can add MORE content later, right? :/

Check out Kotaku right now for the post up. The reactions are priceless. As for Street Fighter V, both editions are out as of Tuesday…last Tuesday with crossplay for PS4 and PC.

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