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Necal err…erine is coming to Street Fighter V


Street Fighter V just dropped its’ first original character. Alot of freeform fisticuffs from this dreadlocked-dude. More savage than Blanka with a bit of a moveset similar to another certain Capcom Marvel fighter. Right on time for Evo 2015 last week and SDCC.

Necalli, apparently. Armed with brutal Abel/THawk stuff, I’d say from his moveset. A bit of Logan-san is in this guy. If you’ve seen the Marvel Vs Capcom series, you’ll see why.  We’ll see how he does in the new roster! Gotta give it up to Capcom for bringing back the freaks in their Fighting games. Blanka, Dhalsim, Necro, and Twelve might have something on Nacalli, but the style is promising.

The story is forthcoming in full on his background! Looks like a keeper. Still, I’d prefer classic no-shows like I dunno… Illuminati’s Urien? King Cobra(sorry, that look was beast. Capcom should have kept it)? Skullomania(An Arika property, but come on: we can ALL dream, right?)? Oro?!


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