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Startup Summer Party: 3 Ways You Can Still Go

#DevTO and Startup Grind are throwing the Startup Summer Party at BrightLane this Thursday, July 16.

It’s essentially sold out — and here are three ways you can go.

> Volunteer

Get involved. You can still volunteer, whether or not you got a ticket. (Hey, we’ll get to hang out there. I’m volunteering and have a ticket.) To volunteer, register as a volunteer on Eventbrite and then sign up for a slot here.

> Donate

There are still a few tickets available for just over $100 each. The event is a fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC).

> Win

Try your luck with RIGHTSLEEVE.


Hope to see each other at #StartupSummerTO! Regardless, #DevTO and Startup Grind are groups that regularly do Toronto tech scene events. They have some great people behind them, including Talk And Co’s Kevin Kelly. (Hi Kev!) Check them out on Meetup for future events: 

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