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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution appears!

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution appears! According to SRK, Bandai Namco announced the upgraded Tekken 7 title after their King of The Iron Fist Tournament competitive gaming tournament. Fated Retribution has Kazumi – Heihachi’s wife – summon the help of Street Fighter’s Akuma(Gouki) as a last resort if her attempt to stop Heihachi fails. If your kids, the United Nations, and even ancient evils can’t stop him, why not get Akuma?

Knowing Akuma, he’d be well up to the challenge. The trailer shows the Master of the Supreme Fist do his work on Kazumi’s ex-tiger with a full arsenal of his moves, translated to Tekken‘s rule set. Even his signature super has not eluded this update. This may also not be the last of Street Fighter’s inclusion into this entry. Namco’s Tekken vs Street Fighter has still not been seen with anything new.

Similar to other updates to Tekken’s main titles, such as Dark Resurrection, content such as graphic enhancements, and default character costumes, are in the mix. Whether the update will make Evo 2016 has yet to be seen.

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