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The Little Friction of Evolve’s Big Alpha

I hardly believe that a intense multiplayer 4 against 1 game would have little to no participants on a closed alpha. Dead zone material.  For myself, that was Evolve’s Big Alpha event spanning from October 31st to November 5th on X-Box Live. I couldn’t find a single soul, which lead me to believe that my gaming experience would have brought back some painful eating-lunch-alone memories. That’s right: I couldn’t even get a match in for the 2K Games February title. The game itself looked great from the screenshot, but alas, all I saw was the hulking beast here on my screen.

The Matchmaking needs to get fixed, 2K games. I tried in the morning. I tried at night. I tried in the afternoon. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Even though this part is a disappointment, I’m still anticipating the game. Boss battles against other players speaks for itself in terms of a fresh experience. These bosses are huge! Turtle Rock’s tenure has given this game momentum from its’ Left 4 Dead titles. I’ll hold judgement until I actually get into a few matches come February 2015 on this current gen only Boss rush.

For now, though: at least the site’s giving you a taste of Evolve. Better than an animated hulk telling me to “please wait”. As pretty as he/she/it seemed.

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