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True Currency Movie Podcast – Ant Man

The True Currency Movie Podcast presents its review of Marvel’s Ant-Man! (Recorded in July 2015)

Episode 7 features your 2nd favourite podcast reviewers, Jaemeel and Doug as they have some small talk about Marvel’s biggest departure. Filmed once more at the True Currency Studios in Brampton!

In this episode we talk about various subjects including:

  • Paul Rudd as the Ant-Man
  • T.I., The new Martin Lawrence?
  • The obligation of finishing movies
  • Hope and the Bechdel test
  • Hank Pym, The asshole
  • Issues with the film and Vince Vaughn
  • .. And much more.

*This episode was a previously unreleased episode 0 due to echo with one of the mics.  Unreleased episodes will be released every Monday and new current episodes are to be released on Thursdays.


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