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True Currency Movie Podcast – Ex Machina

This week the True Currency  Movie Podcast reviews Ex Machina!


3rd Episode features Doug and Jaemeel chatting about the indie hit Ex Machina. There is a missing episode, were we reviewed THE DUFF, but that might get released or re-reviewed.

Recorded once again  at the Courtney Park Boston Pizza Studios in Mississauga – We talk about various subjects including:

  • Talking about Horror flicks and movies going to space
  • Intro
  • Jaemeel takes another stab at Fast 7
  • Breaking down movie poorly (Well, Jaemeel does – Doug Rocks it again)
  • ‘Idea’ Movies and Action/Horror/SciFi Faves
  • Quizzing our server
  • New Spiderman / Dawson Creek references / Civil War / Daredevil


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Intro Music: Happyrock from

*Take Note: early episodes were recorded in public areas and contain background noise.

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  • Douglas David Strong

    We are slowly experimenting with sound, and I think this one is a bit of a miss. Things are getting better people. Hopefully the convo was interesting enough!