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True Currency Movie Podcast – Spectre

This newest episode was filmed at the accommodating Turtle Jacks in Milton.

Using our new equipment, Doug and I are joined by our friend Ernesto.

Topics covered

  • Mexico City Opening
  • Bond Songs/Tentacle Porn
  • Strong female leads?!?
  • … And much more


The podcast has been going through a couple of changes behind the scenes which have resulted in a lengthy period without any new episodes.

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Intro Music: Happyrock from and our feedback music includes daPlaque – Minigun ( &

*Take Note: early episodes were recorded in public areas and contain background noise.

**There are a couple of unreleased episodes: notably for Ant-Man, Terminator Genysis and Mission Impossible 5. They will be released on the next couple of Mondays with a tag indicating that they were recorded in the past.

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