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True Currency Movie Podcast – The Big Short

Doug returns and we talk the nominated film, The Big Short

Recorded last month inside Doug’s car. Jaemeel and Doug discuss The Big Short which takes a look at the serious collapse of the US housing market in a humorous way.


Click Here for The Big Short Trailer

Items discussed:

  • Delivering Speeches
  • Talk about The Big Short and who appears in it
  • Movie Trailers
  • Wine Rack Story/Magic TGC Story
  • Vin Diesel Oscar Morning/Steven Speilberg Jaws nomination announcement
  • Awards Politics/Nominations
  • We talk The Big Short again
  • Doug and Jaemeel attempt math
  • Talk more about The Big Short
  • More Awards Politics (and I throw myself under the bus for not remembering Peter O’Toole)

Just a heads up… THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!

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Next week: Deadpool Review!

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