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True Currency Movie Podcast – The Night Before

Twas the night before US Thanksgiving and much hilarity did ensue when True Currency watched ‘The Night Before’ and recorded a review!

Episode 8 features your 2nd favourite podcast reviewers, Jaemeel and Doug as they as they review the comedy ‘The Night Before’! Doug consistently shakes his head as Jaemeel borders on the inappropriate.

In this episode we talk about various subjects including:

  • Christmas/Holiday traditions
  • The Paternal Weed Dealer
  • Audible and Fisher Stevens
  • Inflicting Guilt onto people and how sweet it is
  • .. And much more.

We have returned to the Boston Pizza Studios, welcomed with open arms by its excellent staff.


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After this episode was recorded Doug changed his twitter handle: @Douglas_Strong
Intro Music: Happyrock from and our feedback music includes daPlaque – Minigun ( &

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