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Unreal Engine 4 Is Free and Looking UNREAL, THO

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PAX this year has came and went, but some of the best news will never leave your eyeballs. I’m talking about that Unreal Engine 4 features demo, which now gives away the engine. Free with a royalty percentage, according to the latest post on their blog. Still a sweet deal for any budding game producers.  What a way to celebrate 25 years, Epic Studios. Hundreds of games depend on the Unreal Engine and shown some of its’ previous achievements off. From Western titles to Japanese megahits. Just recently, Arc Systems has depended on an iteration of Unreal Engine to produce the anime fighter, Guilty Gear Xrd go from 2D to 3D with every hyper jump.

I love the demo, though. Worth a look, even if Open World features aren’t REALLY a feature.

Still, if you’re more into what it can do, here’s the Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha in all its’ bulletstorm glory.

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