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Would you eat the subway cake?

Food. Whether you love it or you’re indifferent, we all need it.

A year-old video of a young woman icing a cake on a New York subway just crossed my social media radar, and at first, I wasn’t sure what to think. All I could see were the invisible germs on the subway, on the seat, on her cake, on her gloves…OH GOD. I could never eat that cake! Why would anyone?!

But then we finally got to the part where someone asked WHY (why did that even take so long?).

At 6:45, her first brave supporter asks for a slice and she explains: “We’re constantly in people’s private space, especially on the subway. I think it’s important to have some sort of communion.”

Communion [noun | com·mu·nion | \kə-ˈmyü-nyən\]: A close relationship with someone or something. An act or instance of sharing.

Instantly, she reminded me of something I’ve known but often forget—the power of food to unite people and create a community. The joy that comes from sharing food, whether with a friend, a significant other, a family member or even a stranger.

Insightful, but I still wasn’t sure. It all sounds nice, but could I do it? Could I eat the subway cake?

Then at 9:10, she meets someone as hesitant (but curious) as I am…and by the end of the video, she had opened my mind and I was moved by her simple but meaningful act of kindness.

I think I might eat the subway cake. Would you?

P.S. The video is 11.5 min long, so if you’re short on time, you can skip-watch (is that a word?) through the first 6 min.

Subway cake

What kind of subway cake would you eat?

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  • jkingmunky

    I would! 🙂

  • Kutty MD

    I would totally try this!